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Monitor your CORSAIR PC parts for free

CORSAIR LINK is a free unified system software tool that dynamically monitors your PC. Developed by high-end PC gaming provider CORSAIR, this program enables you to monitor your system and easily control important performance hardware such as the fans, coolers, power supply, and more. Take note that only selected components and models are compatible with this program. Additionally, this has already been surpassed by iCUE, which is CORSAIR LINK and CUE combined.

Easy info to find

CORSAIR LINK is basically your hardware system dashboard that lets you check up on your PC’s status and see better information than what the default Control Panel can show you. It will display an instant summary of your hardware components—complete with real-time graph reports and straightforward numbers. The screen will usually list these data under the specific name of your hardware—like Intel Core i5 6600K—and you can expand the tabs to take a closer look. 

Most of the CORSAIR LINK-capable hardware connected will have their temperatures displayed thanks to the hardware’s sensors. For this, you can configure your system to automatically adjust to this and start cooling down your PC. You can do this by accessing the Configure tab and dragging the components’ icons to their place on the provided screen. You can also choose from a variety of pre-programmed modes or configure your own for fan speed.

iCUE is well-known for its RGB lighting equipment control, and while it’s a step-up compared to LINK, this software can still do the same RGB LED customization—albeit in a limited manner. Using compatible accessories, you can set them to any number of colors. They can change lighting depending on specific temperature readouts to let you know what your computer’s current status is. This is a handy way of being alerted while you’re busy.

A downgrade

Overall, CORSAIR LINK contains most of what a CORSAIR user will be looking for to control their PC’s performance through hardware. Unfortunately, while the user interface is intuitive enough for most, it’s severely limited when it comes to compatible hardware and wouldn’t be a great program to use if you’re using just one or two of the selected parts. There’s a good reason why iCUE is now CORSAIR’s main unified system tool.


  • Instant summary of temperature and speed
  • Has graphs
  • Easy to configure
  • Has RGB LED control


  • Only a few compatible components
  • Lacking compared to iCUE’s functions

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